The Business of Running a Private Practice

Date: Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

Time: 9:30-4:45

Location: Trinity Community Centre (Queen and Shaw area)

Facilitator: Jennifer Kalb, RP

Cost: $250.00 (inclusive of HST)



Being a good therapist and making a good living?  It is possible!


Why is the expectation of making a good salary acceptable in some professions while in others - such as ours – is it often considered taboo?


While working with our clients’ sense of self worth is often central to our sessions, confronting our own self worth as therapists is critical in order to prevent burn-out and to feel energized and motivated to meet our clients enthusiastically each and every day. 


In this day-long workshop, we will take a closer look at our beliefs about money and how these beliefs inform our practice.  And, I’ll include many helpful tips to start, run and maintain a successful and satisfying practice.


Areas of Exploration in this workshop:


  • Determining your fee

  • Area of Specialty

  • Marketing

  • Referral Platforms

  • Websites

  • Rates and Fees

  • Late charges

  • Sliding Scale Rates

  • Setting Realistic Financial Goals and Projections



A little bit about me:


My name is Jennifer Kalb. I’m a Registered Psychotherapist working in downtown Toronto in private practice. I graduated from the Gestalt Institute’s Five Year Training Program and run a busy practice, working with individuals as well as partners.


About 2 and a half years ago, I opened College Street Therapy, a clinic currently housing nine therapists. I learned, like most of us, how to be an entrepreneur on my own, starting from scratch to currently having a full practice and a busy clinic. I want to share my experience with other therapists so that we, together, can grow our field to the place it deserves to be.


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Located in Downtown Toronto