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I am a sex positive therapist with an open mind.


Most people believe that partners come to therapy when a relationship is not working. However, relationships are like machines; they all work, but not all at peak capacity. These relationships may not fill us with the support, respect and empathy we crave from our loved ones.

I work with relationships identifying as Monogamous as well as Ethically Consensually Non-Monogamous. Having a sense of agency in a relationship is key to feeling connected, and regardless of the way you express that between you and your partner(s), this remains a critical component.

In therapy we gain awareness, about ourselves and our partners, and this can help prompt us with the choice to change.

When it comes to working with relationships, I firmly believe that it's time to redefine how relationships are perceived. Relationships don't come in a box and they certainly don't come with instructions. My job doesn't involve telling you where you and your partner(s) are going wrong but helping you discover what you may be missing.


Please feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation.

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